How often do you tell yourself: “I want to find balance, practice moderation and sustain a lifestyle that matters”? The truth is you’ve been there so many times and for some reason, you probably find it difficult to maintain change, practice moderation and ACT in a consistent manner with your values and goals.

You might wonder: “What is the thing that truly helps people stick to and reach their goals?”

In your quest for improving yourself, it is helpful to understand what matters to you the most – the things, the people and the principles you truly value that can help you start changing and improving.

And to get there, sometimes it is easier to have someone understand you and teach you what you need. Almost every skill can be learned, given motivation, time and exercise, but it just takes longer on your own. It is not like one is born knowing how to have a high self-esteem or a positive body image.

Do you remember who taught you how to ride a bike?

Do you remember who inspired you to choose your career and how to do your job?

What about adjusting your professional and personal life?

And how about stress, emotional eating and other unhelpful behaviours that impact a person’s health and wellness?

What we propose is a coach. Someone to help you figure out the strategies, actions, habits and routines that will enable you to reach your goals. Someone who listens, provides support and guidance, gives you tips and tools. Someone that can become like a trusted friend who wants the best for you, and help you get there.

If you are ready to stop wishing for change and commit to working for it, I invite you In The Green Box. If you are confused and uncertain about healthy eating and having a balanced lifestyle, if you have tried every diet under the sun but nothing you have tried helped maintain the desired outcomes, we can help you find the cause of your obstacles and begin to change.

In The Green Box was born out of a humble and honest pursue to help, inspire and support people like you, who aspire to a healthier and happier life.

The program is a 12-week long transformation, based on specific steps established together, in highly interactive sessions. Together with the coach you will work towards helpful and sustainable habits. It is important that you follow healthy and balanced best practices, for example maintaining the desired and realistic weight.


The coaching program starts by helping you identify the areas you want to change, your values and strengths that will enable you to formulate your goals. The coach then focuses on finding a good path you can follow to achieve your goals, one that respects your values.

Remember the bike helmet, or the running shoes? They were there to protect you while you were learning and advancing in a specific skill. In the same way, the coach is there to eliminate mental and emotional barriers between where you are right now and where you want to be. There are skills that can help you handle difficult thoughts and feelings more effectively, so they have less impact and influence over you.

I was stuck in a vicious cycle of becoming upset about something that’s happened in my life and finding refuge in food. Then I would feel guilty and miserable and beat myself up about it. I’d tell myself that I’d start being good again tomorrow. And if not tomorrow, then the next day or the day after I’d do it again.

After the end of the program I am more comfortable with who I am as a person. I am not as harsh with myself. I value myself more. There are situations when I remember some of the things we discussed and some of her words and that give me a boost of power and I tell myself “I know who I am”.

The coach is like a guide who sort of sheds some light on things and points us to the right direction. I find that I know some of the things that we talk about, but they just have a different impact coming from someone else.

It is my personal life that I struggle the most with. Raluca helped me discover some things about myself, my values, and my qualities. Working with her has helped me with my confidence and probably has made me be kinder to myself.

My toughest moments were when I got lonely or upset or hurt by people around me and instinctively ran to food to make me feel better. I’m still working on it, but what helped me the most was understanding that there is plenty of good in me and someone else’s opinion about me doesn’t change who I really am. And I have replaced food with a stronger motivation.

Raluca is a wonderful, kind, warm and caring coach who has helped me find my way out from a negative place I was in. I would recommend talking to her because she has a wealth of knowledge and advice.

A.P. – Australia

The Green Box SystemThe Green Box system is a 4-sided approach, a combination of tools for the mind, body and soul

  • Healthy nutrition – working on moderation, proposing meal plans, finding balance
  • Physical activity – finding sources for motivation and regular exercise
  • Mind – learning about emotions, reactions and practical techniques
  • Life skills – practicing mindfulness and  relaxation techniques

How is the programme structured?

There is a first phone call or face-to-face session where you and your coach get to know each other and clarify the goals you want to achieve.

This session is followed by 12 one-on-one sessions (once a week, during 3 months). The coach follows and supports your work between the sessions, for example with mid-week check-in empowering emails.

The program’s final consultation provides you with future steps and a celebration of what you have achieved.

What are the benefits of working with a coach?

  • Gain clarity over your goals – You may have a vague idea of what you want to achieve but you may find it difficult to put into words. We’ll help you gain clarity and focus on the goals and new habits that will immensely impact your life in the next year.
  • A tailored, step-by-step action plan – We all have goals and dreams, but knowing what to do today is not always intuitive. The Green Box system creates a tailored action path for you – new skills and tools that will take you closer to your goals – step by step.
  • Effective progress that feels effortless – Your brain is hardwired to resist big changes. With tiny actions, you can trick your brain to kick-start the change process. The actions may look small, but taken together they have the power to change your day, week, month or life.
  • Personal, one-on-one support – get energy, support, and accountability from your personal coach. Whether you need an encouraging word, practical tips, someone to feel accountable to – your coach has you covered.

If you are curious to find out more and plan a coaching session I would be honored to have a chat with you. Simply fill-in the form below and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you!

Coaching waiting list

What happens after signing up for a coaching session?

I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible and plan for an appropriate time to have a chat with you.

How is your program different from thousands of other similar programs out there?

The Green Box system focuses on finding the root-cause of the obstacles you are experiencing. We are using practical exercises, centered on the clients’ needs and aspirations, with our 4-sided approach: healthy nutrition, physical activity, mind and life skills.

Is there any guarantee that your program is going to work?

Going over the tailored action plan sequence in the interactive sessions validates the interest of the person for the program and the readiness to change.

The more someone invests in the program (motivation and desire to change) the more successful and visible the results will be.

However, if you don’t find the programme adequate for you in the first sessions, there is a money-back guarantee for the duration of the course, and we will refund your costs.

Why 12 sessions and not less or more?

As you advance in your sessions you’ll discover it’s about learning or rediscovering good habits that will help you reach your goals. Together will give each other plenty of opportunities to practice these new skills until they become your habits and help you respond to challenging situations.

Research shows that it takes 21 days to learn a new habit and about 3 months for the new habit to become embedded in your life, hence the structure of the program of 12 sessions over 3 months.

Working with someone means talking about my weight. Why should I spend my money on talking?

Let’s hear what one of our students felt about working with Raluca:

Step-by-step change

Raluca has a very calm, kind and loving manner of talking to you. She has created a safe environment in her office and has made me feel comfortable talking about things (there have been tears too). There were practical exercises and tools that she showed me to help me deal with difficult situations.

She guided me with questions and tried to make me understand myself better. We ended the sessions with a short meditation, which is fantastic in settling the mind and relieving some of the stress. Every time I left her office, I felt lighter and more optimistic about my life.

The coach only works with a small number of students at the time, which allows her to give each and every one of them her undivided attention, thus being able to tailor the best possible plan with and for them.

I am not yet convinced I need a coach. I am not ready to invest financially, and I guess there are no guarantees that once I lose weight I will manage to keep it off.

How much money do you spend on diets and products that promise instant changes but in reality are impossible to sustain long-term?

Coaching is not a diet, it is about a safe environment where you can discover what is really important to you and feel empowered to take action towards creating the life you want for yourself. The goal of the programme is to instill durable changes in your life, in a way that respects your values.

What kinds of results can I expect in 12 weeks?

Well, what kind of effort will you invest?

Here is what I think: If you decide to give me 12 weeks of you doing the work and trusting the process, one day at a time, you will transform. If you pick and choose the challenges you want to undertake, your results can be underwhelming. Either way, I will not give up on you.

Some people lose 10 kilograms in 12 weeks, others lose 2. If you asked them to be honest with themselves, they would probably tell you that their results were directly proportional with the effort they put in.

Statistics say that people who lose weight (using any method) gain back their extra weight (and more!). 

The program is not a diet, as diets only work while you are keeping them. The program takes you beyond the struggle with the number of kilograms and will help you focus on significant goals in your life and will work on an action plan to help you reach your goals and maintain results long-term.

I still have doubts, should I sign up?

Yes, just send me a message and we will continue the discussion over e-mail.